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Maggie’s Toronto Sex Workers Action Network: This week we are organizing to support a sex worker named Moka, a Black/trans woman working in the industry who defended herself from a client with an extensive history of physical and sexual violence against sex workers in our community. She fended off his attack and called the police for assistance, only to be pepper-sprayed and roughed up by local law enforcement. The violent client ended up succumbing to his injuries and she is now being tried for second degree murder. 

Action Alert: #JusticeForMoka MOKA’s case is being heard in court this week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from approximately 9:30am – 4:30pm) as the client Moka had to defend herself from died from his injuries. 

MOKA is someone who was close to both Sumaya Dalmar and Alloura Wells in Toronto. She has seen, experienced and continues to resist violence against Black transwomen and sex workers in the city. The courts have made the decision to house her in a men’s prison in the city and she is now being held in the same facility as Bruce McArthur

Activists in Canada are organizing a number of supports in consultation with Moka and her social worker including: 

1)    We are hoping to arrange regular presence and support in the courtroom as her case moves forward and would like your organization to circulate this call for support. (Details on court dates/times here: https://www.facebook.com/events/347220369167803/)
2)    We would like organizations to release statements of support for Moka and her case.
3)    Please connect with any media contacts your organization is comfortable sharing details of the case with.
4)    We are organizing a long-term support network for Moka. Please get in touch with Maggie’s here or at info@maggiesto.org for more information on this.Maggie’s Toronto Sex Workers Action Project Online:
w. www.MaggiesToronto.ca
f. @MaggiesToronto
t. @MaggiesToronto