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Using prison’s tablet, Seth Mull continues as sex trafficker, authorities say – Riley Yates for The Morning Call

“I want control of all of you but it starts before we ever touch one another,” Mull allegedly wrote. “You need to give up control to me.”

Authorities call Mull, 31, of Lower Saucon Township, a serial predator who created victims starting when he was 13 years old. On Dec. 7, he was convicted of rape, kidnapping and human trafficking charges after a trial in which four women testified he viciously assaulted them at hotels in the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia.

Authorities said Mull’s prison communications were done over an electronic tablet that the jail began making available to inmates in November. A growing technology in prisons, it allows inmates to text, phone, and in some cases video chat with friends and family for a fee.

“The victim stated that when she started talking with inmate Mull, he appeared to care about her,” a county detective wrote in the arrest affidavit. “She said it then became all about sex and having sex for money. She said that there was a constant pressure from him to ‘get things going,’ to start the sex webcams for money.”

Northampton County Jail has about 100 tablets, with which prisoners can file grievances and access legal research and the prison’s manual, said Kenneth Kraft, the jail’s public safety administrator. Phone calls and text messages are monitored, just like the prison’s traditional phones, Kraft said. Also for a fee, inmates can purchase sanitized movies, similar to those offered on an airplane, he said.

Complete Story: https://www.mcall.com/news/breaking/mc-nws-seth-mull-rape-charges-prison-20190117-story.html