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I know we are all doing our best to take care of ourselves and our families and elders. Like you, I’m worried. I’m worried about my family and friends in my beloved New York City and Texas. And I’m worried about the sex workers that I know, whose work, health, and livelihood are under threat right now. 

We can help, and so can you. Join us as we launch our Sex Worker Support Fund with Sex Worker Outreach Project Behind Bars (SWOP-BB) to:

  • Support a 24-hour hotline for sex workers in crisis
  • Help sex workers who are incarcerated or newly released from prison
Practice social solidarity with me. There are sex workers in your own networks. Find them and/or their advocates. If you’re home, share food or clothing as you are able. If you’re quarantined away from home, send money.


In safety, health, and solidarity,

Carmen Vázquez
Board Co-Chair
Woodhull Freedom Foundation