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Information share from NSWP Re: Two essential  sessions at the Commission on the Status of Women. Please find the information below. In order to attend please let people know that they need to first register for the entire CSW to go. Registration is free.
After registering for the CSW, then sign up for our events at the links provided.
*1. Thursday March 18 panel at 1 pm Eastern, Nothing About Us Without Us: Sex Workers, Autonomy and Decision-making*. If you are on FB, please share and engage with the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/209695494240084/
Here is where people go directly to find the session at the CSW:
Speakers include Jules Kim, Monica Jones, Beyonce and Shauna May.
*2. Friday March 19 at 1.30 pm US Eastern for the CSW65 Parallel session called “Gender Equality, Sex Worker Rights, Technology and Innovation.”*
This is the direct link to the session page at UN.
If you are on FB, please share and engage with our event page:
https://www.facebook.com/events/191000572792644 Speakers include Onyx Black, Akynos of the Black Sex Worker Collective, a representative of BTripleP and N’Jaila Rhee of New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance. The session will also include two short videos from partner groups currently facing restrictions on their online access.
#CSW65 UN Commission on the Status of Women