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The Sex Worker Outreach Project (SWOP) Behind Bars (SBB) provides interdisciplinary community support for incarcerated sex workers in the U.S.

A significant percentage of sex workers are people who are incarcerated for prostitution and prostitution-related crimes, and these individuals are disproportionately affected by laws that criminalize sex work, as well as stigma, violence, and their related challenges to reenter their communities.

We strive to support and build relationships with individuals most affected, and work to provide incarcerated sex workers with information, connection to individualized, comprehensive case management, and to acquire skills they need – not just for reentry – but to become leaders and partners with the movement.

SBB provides a monthly newsletter, books, study materials, and sex worker pen pals for incarcerated sex workers. Upon release from jail or prison, we work to help sex workers meet their basic needs, and we provide resources, networking, and linkages for successful reentry into their communities. We have been there. We are here. We genuinely care.