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Ask A Sex Worker

Sex Workers come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes with a wide variety of talents and skills. Our backgrounds are as diverse as the colors of the rainbow and it is very easy for society to want to put us in a box and try to define who we are by what we do.

We have a wide range of lived experience. Some of us are homeless. Some of us are trans. Some of us identify as differently abled. Some of us are HIV Positive. Many of us have experienced incarceration. All of us have experienced some level of stigmatization, marginalization and discrimintion. Some of us are empowered by sex work and some of us have experienced exploitation. We all beleive that sex work should be decriinalized to protect our vulnerable community.

The Ask A Sex Worker Project at Nude Nite will pull back the curtain on the lives of more than 15 sex workers in Orlando and Tampa and attendees can ask questions directly or submit them via social media or at iPad stations that will be at each corner of the structure.

Sex Work is at the intersection of many of the modern social justice movements. Mass Incarceration, HIV Modernization, Black Lives Matter, Substance Abuse, Reproductive Rights, LGBTQ – particularly trans women of color – Human Trafficking, Homelessness and Disability Rights all find sex workers actively taking part in causes they care about. As the 2020 election comes closer, all of these intersecting movements can collectively have a more powerful voice to influence candidates to include sex worker rights on their political platforms. Attendees of the Interactive Art Installation Events will leave the event understanding how stigma and discrimination of our intersecting movements affect the lives of sex workers throughout the industry.

December 10 Update

All the building supplies have arrived to build the Ask A Sex Worker Booth for Nude Nite 2020 in Tampa and Orlando!  My garage is overflowing with plywood and siding and – per usual – everything is covered in RED Paint!  Watching Paint dry is an excruciating task and I can only hope that the metric ton of paint will be dry enough to start attaching each of the pieces.  Can’t wait to havwe the structure finished by the end of the week.  For now I’m going to get the red paint out of my hair!

January 4th

Unbelievable – mostly to me – but the structure has been completed and we are ready to roll! All that remains is some additional fundraising and printing of the materials we need to complete the show.  Curious about what the lives of sex workers are really like?  Ask your question here and watch our video update!