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SWOP Behind Bars Documents and Policies

The time has come where we can decide to focus on a shared goal - the full decriminalization of sex work. Only then can we start to repair the institutional and societal structures that harm us, our families and our communities.


Sex Workers continue to take on the additional burden of all of the intersectional work that is so necessary - because sex workers are everywhere and do everything. From the schoolhouse to the courthouse,  Sex Workers have the answers to the questions you are seeking and they are best positioned to provide the critical knowledge and lived experience that will help our communities thrive.

SWOP Behind Bars, Inc provides services and support for any community member that asks us and our work is specifically targeted to people who have experienced criminalization based interventions and have also traded sex, regardless of how they identify. SWOP Behind Bars Inc remains, as always, wholly dedicated to supporting sex workers and survivors of violence as well as continuing to provide critical resources through the administration of the Sex Worker Community Support Line and Chat For Support.

Corporate Documents

Florida Corporate Registration

IRS Documentation


Policy Manual




SWOP Behind bars By Laws


WhistleBlower Policy


past Anti-Tarfficking Work

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