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Creating Community for Incarcerated Sex Workers

A chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP)

Mission Statement

SWOP Behind Bars uses a harm reduction framework to offer various resources, community-building projects, educational programs, and advocacy to end violence and stigma against sex workers in the criminal justice system.  This includes those currently incarcerated and those seeking re-entry services.

The SBB Community Support Line

If you are in trouble in North America, call us and we can help you get access to what you need.

1-877-776-2004, extension 1  

Chat for Support 

This feature is designed to give our community members an opportunity to engage with peer support quickly and privately.  Simply click on the floating red icon on the bottom right of our website and you will be connected with an agent who will be happy to answer questions or assist you in finding the resources you need.  This feature was launched right after the COVID 19 crisis began, and has been a great success in reaching folks that don’t have access to a phone or prefer to text. 

Our Blog

Resolute Opponents Of The Prison-Industrial Complex

Both in the United States and around the world, incarceration is the default punishment for certain crimes. However, many individuals and organizations are rethinking the justice process, calling attention to the inequities caused by racial discrimination and...

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A Question of Identity

Nikki had been chronically homeless from early childhood through her young adult life.  She never finished high school and was forced to trade sex in order to survive from the age of 15 after giving birth to a daughter by a much older man who was exploiting her.  Now...

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SWOP USA’s Solidarity Statement with #BlackLivesMatter

SWOP USA’s Solidarity Statement with #BlackLivesMatter

Reposted from SWOP USA SWOP USA Stands in Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter SWOP-USA fully supports #BlackLivesMatter protestors and all other anti racism activists who have taken to the streets across the country after the tragic murders of Breonna Taylor, George...

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