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After registering for the CSW, then sign up for our events at the links provided.

*1. Thursday March 18 panel at 1 pm Eastern, Nothing About Us Without Us: Sex Workers, Autonomy and Decision-making*. If you are on FB, please share and engage with the event page:

Here is where people go directly to find the session at the CSW:

Speakers include Jules Kim, Monica Jones, Beyonce and Shauna May.

*2. Friday March 19 at 1.30 pm US Eastern for the CSW65 Parallel session called “Gender Equality, Sex Worker Rights, Technology and Innovation.”*

This is the direct link to the session page at UN.

If you are on FB, please share and engage with our event page: Speakers include Onyx Black, Akynos of the Black Sex Worker Collective, a representative of BTripleP and N’Jaila Rhee of New Jersey Red Umbrella Alliance. The session will also include two short videos from partner groups currently facing restrictions on their online access.

#CSW65 UN Commission on the Status of Women
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