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SWOP Behind Bars is Hiring Interviewers for CRW Project!

Central to SWOP Behind Bar’s mission is our effort to amplify the voices of sex workers and trafficking victims, especially when they can inform policy and legislation. In support of that goal, we have developed a research project that explores prostitution and trafficking legislation and their effects on those who were convicted of these crimes. We will use the information to educate the public so that we can improve existing prostitution and trafficking legislation and policy. We have been asking people who are interested in participating in this project to fill out a survey to participate, and we now need to hire additional interviewers to expand this project!

The interviewers will be hired through the University of South Florida, but applicants do not need to live in Florida. Individuals from anywhere in the U.S. with relevant experience or connections in the sex work community are urged to apply for these positions. If you are interested in learning more about these positions or the project itself, please read the following job information and consider applying. All applications must be received by 11:59 pm on October 4, 2021.Also please share with your networks!

Funded by the Proteus Fund in cooperation with the University of South Florida and directed by SWOP Behind Bars Co-Founder and Co-Director Dr. Jill McCracken, SWOP Behind Bars is seeking individuals to conduct semi-scripted interviews with pre-screened participants as part of a grant-funded study focused on individuals who have experienced incarceration for prostitution, prostitution-related crimes, and/or trafficking in the sex industry.

Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent and four years of experience in office or administrative support or in research support. College education may be substituted for the required experience on a year for year basis. This position requires experience talking to new people and discussing experiences that may be somewhat difficult to discuss, but mandatory paid training will be provided for the specific requirements connected to these interviews, including recording, reviewing, and uploading interviews for transcription as well as updating required documentation materials. Successful applicants may also take part in coding and data analysis of interviews.

We will be working with individuals who are current and former sex workers, some of whom have been identified as victims of trafficking, identify as victims of trafficking, or have been convicted of trafficking. Relevant experience in these areas, including knowledge of the sex industry and/or trafficking is preferred.

Having a criminal record will not prevent you from being hired for this position.

We will also be working with people who speak languages other than English, most likely Spanish, Mandarin, and Vietnamese. Although fluency in languages other than English is not required for these positions, please let us know your familiarity (beginner, intermediate, fluent) in speaking or writing any languages other than English.

These part-time temporary positions are grant-funded from September 15, 2021 to July 1, 2022 for hours that will vary from 0 to 10 hours per week at the rate of $20.00 per hour, paid through the University of South Florida employment system. Successful candidates do not need to live in the Tampa Bay region.

If you have questions, you may contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Jill McCracken at or the Project Manager, Tina Stewart Brakebill at

We cannot, unfortunately, accept applications directly. They must be submitted through the USF Careers Center. To apply for the job, you'll need to register as a NEW USER with the USF Career Center (assuming you've not applied to USF prior to this) and follow the directions USF provides.

Having a criminal record will not prevent you from being hired for this position.

To access the USF job listing and the registration cite:

You can click on the link: and then click on APPLY FOR JOB. You'll then have the opportunity to REGISTER AS A NEW USER.


You can go to the USF Careers main website: Welcome to Using Careers at USF and click on Access Careers@USF and search for the Job ID 28498 (Research Support Specialist). Once you find the job then click on the brief description to open the application details and then click on APPLY for JOB. You'll then have the opportunity to REGISTER AS A NEW USER.

Feel free to reach out to Jill or Tina if you have any questions about applying!

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