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Resources for Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Sex Workers

If a friend or family member is behind bars, you can sign them up to be an SBB member and receive resources and services. Incarcerated persons can also request a membership form through the mail. SBB members can be matched up with penpals, create an Amazon wishlist, receive a re-entry guide 6 months before release, hygiene kits and smart phones upon release, and other services. Those who have been released or are facing jail time can contact us seeking assistance with public defense, expunging of charges, and other advocacy and legal help.

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SWOP Behind Bars mailed its first newsletter to incarcerated women from 7 states in the United States in May of 2016 and we have expanded more than we ever dreamed!  The names of incarcerated sex workers were submitted anonymously, but we soon received requests from inside the prison walls desperately wanting to know more!  As of 2018, all of our incarcerated members are self submitted and we are very proud that they felt compelled to self identify and trust that we could understand and possibly help!  But we didn’t do this alone!  We can’t express enough how we appreciate the support from the sex worker community as well as all the writers and journalists and academics that live among us and who have pledged support and offered further assistance! To get more newsletters behind bars, you can mail an incarcerated friend or family member the form in the section above or complete it for them.

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To get info about overdose prevention, STD testing and treatment, COVID help, and more, go to our blog where you can search harm reduction resources. There, you can also find resources for 

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