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Be an Ally

Here are 10 Ways YOU can get involved with SWOP Behind Bars on a Local or National level.

1 – Add sex workers who are in prison to our mailing list!  Simply fill out the form on the right to send a Newsletter Behind Bars and we will do the rest.  We send newsletters to any prison or jail with in the US.

2 – Connect directly with an incarcerated sex worker by becoming a Pen Pal.  Simply fill out this form – and we will send you the names and locations of incarcerated sex workers and you can write to them directly.

3 – Donate books to the Prison Library!

4 – Fulfill book requests from folks behind bars! Click here for individual Amazon.com wishlists we’ve created based on requests and interests.

5- Start your own SWOP Behind Bars project in a prison or jail in your state!

6 – Volunteer locally at a SWOP Chapter near you or ask to visit incarcerated sex workers in prison or jail.

7 – Volunteer with SWOP Behind Bars Nationally as we work to spread the word about the Sex Worker Rights Movement. Just send an email to swopbehindbars@gmail.com and we’ll get you hooked in!

8 – Donate Your Old Books! If you want to donate USED BOOKS to the prison library, please send an email to swopbehindbars@gmail.com and we will tell you how this process works and send you instructions. The books most often requested are urban fiction, true crime, poetry, diaries, and self-help books, particularly those that assist with addiction and trauma related issues.

9 – Start your own book donation program! Or support a books to prisons prison already running in your area! If you want to start your own book donation program in your state prison or county jail, let us know, and we will be happy to share our tips and tricks. Or Start your own local outreach project! We are building a toolkit for sex work activists to use to reach out to recently arrested sex workers, and we will publish that information on the website and on Facebook and Twitter when it is complete.

10 – Share Your Resources & Ideas! And finally, if you have ideas or resource material that you think would advance this project or assist in the creation of re-entry resources, please let us know about it. We are particularly interested in people who are willing to engage directly by phone, mail, or email with recently released sex workers who need a sex worker friendly, non-judgmental mentor.

Thanks for reading, and we would love to involve you further in our endeavor!

Reach out if you have questions, ideas, contacts, or opportunities to share!