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Send LOVE BEHIND BARS for Valentines Day

Send love letters to incarcerated sex workers this Valentine’s Day!

Each passing Holiday behind bars marks another season that incarcerated people are unable to be with the ones they love  Fill that space this Valentine’s Day by sending letters of love and support to our Incarcerated sisters and brothers Behind Bars.

PLEASE DO NOT USE OLD LISTS!  We have many new members in need of communication, love and support from the outside and many of our old members were moved or released over the holidays!

Keep in Mind…

Don’t forget to have stamped envelopes or stamped postcards.
Be sure to use Plain white computer paper OR lined white paper.  You can find clip art online to print out on plain white paper to write letters with as if it were letterhead.
Write the prisoners name and address on the letter as well as the envelope..
PLEASE DO NOT SEND GREETING CARDS!  Many prisons are retuning greeting cards!  You MAY use the children’s type of punch out preprinted Valentines Day postcards – but don’t forget to put the return address on all postcards and envelopes or they will not be given to prisoners!
Pens (no gel pens)
You may use Colored Pencils + Markers and stamps
Thank you for supporting incarcerated sex workers!