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Less is Best When Comparing Models of Sex Trade Governance

The sex trade is a vast and complex economy where people from all walks engage in erotic acts in exchange for money, goods, resources, and services. Policies governing erotic transactions have been historically been crafted through moral outrage. The outcome has been...
| Inked Cover Girl

| Inked Cover Girl

MEET HANNAH ROGERS:  Singe mother in recovery for three years. Former meth addict and prostitute. Trying to get on the cover of ink magazine. Awesome hot raised in Alaska. WHY DO YOU WANT TO WIN? I would like to give my daughter the life that I lacked , put away money...

Partial Decrim: Partial Solution or Pure Problem?

Unless you are allied with the sex workers rights movement, decriminalization and partial decriminalization may not mean much to you, though DECRIM is a hot topic! Newly elect vice president Kamala Harris built a strong portion of her career on anti trafficking...

Build up a reputation for doing good by people and live by that example. This business was not started to harm others; it was designed to do the exact opposite. – Donah Sandford 

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