Your donation helps us meet a variety of needs that incarcerated sex workers have while serving their sentences, as well as helping us provide resources upon their release. You can choose to support SBB by donating to the various projects listed below or you can simply donate to our general fund which reflects out budget in its entirety.



Adult consensual sex workers are targeted for arrest in the United States under the guise of fighting human trafficking.  No matter how many times these efforts are proven to be harmful or ineffective, the myths and misconceptions persist. We are proud to introduce our National Sex Worker Bail Out Fund to bond sex workers out of jail.  We are following the principles of the National Bail Fund Network and are proud to align our shared vision of ending casg bail and pre-trial detention.  SWOP Behind Bars will begin our work with local bond funds throughout the United States to bond adult sex workers out of jail who are arrested on prostitution related charges surrounding events where anti-trafficking organizations and law enforcement make false claims of trafficking. We will connect to local attorneys and public defender offices to provide information and education around the subject of consensual sex work as it intersects with sex trafficking. We will use these networks as well as community based networks, to provide services and support for the people we free from cages.  

The SBB National Sex Worker Bail Fund will make every effort to bond sex workers out of jail by directly paying the full amount of the bond directly to the court so that their fines and court fees will be paid upon resolution of the case. In cases where we are not able to pay bond directly, we will use a licensed bonding agent to free our people. Sex workers who are trans, gender non-conforming and people of color will be prioritized. In cases where sex workers are charged with additional charges unrelated to sex work, we will consult with local advocates and activists within the National Bail Network to determine how to move forward.



When you research how to donate your books to jail libraries, the same phrase comes up over and over again: books are a lifeline for prisoners. Being confined to the same small space every day of course gets boring, but also, those who are incarcerated do not have access to the internet and their news and information about the world comes only through a few select TV channels in the common areas of the facility. Many inmates are also eager to use their time for personal or professional study, to supplement the limited educational opportunities offered behind bars, and to round out limited therapeutic and recovery resources. Many who are within a year or two of release use library services to prepare for re-entry — to get their GED, to improve their vocabularies, to begin studying a profitable skill. The recidivism rate in the United States varies, from 50 percent to as high as 67 percent in some states, and there are two main reasons for that level of “rehabilitative” failure: the employment barriers facing ex-offenders on the outside and the lack of preparation for re-entry on the inside.  In most states, re-entry services remain woefully inadequate for the thousands of men and women up for release each year. And given that we don’t invest correctional system profits for better outcomes, the very least we can do is keep the prison libraries well-supplied and adequately staffed. So many of us have more books than we know what to do with. Let’s pass a few of them along to people who need them.



When sex workers are released from prison, they have no access to phone calls, emails, or texts, much less facebook or the internet. Establishing a landline service and home wifi service has to wait until recently released sex workers can find affordable housing and can save up money. In the interim, these folks must try to restart their lives without being able to place calls to family, potential employers, or counseling services. SBB can now provide a smartphone and 30-90 days of service. We rely on your donations of used smartphones to provide this service.

  • Phones must be unlocked.

  • All existing personal data must be deleted before we receive the phone

  • Any screen repairs must be done before donating, as we are not in a position to repair broken or cracked screens.

  • Please make sure that your carrier has released the phone to be used by another person. We cannot use a phone that still has a financial obligation attached to it.

  • We will happily provide you with a tax deductible receipt once we receive your old smartphone.

Send phones to: SWOP Behind Bars, 9220 S US Hwy 17/92, Maitland FL 32751



SWOP Behind Bars regularly provides emergency transportation and lodging to recently released incarcerated sex workers. In many cases, this is needed to help them escape potentially dangerous or abusive situations.  You can help by donating your unused airline miles or rewards points to us.  Below is a listing of our currently available rewards account numbers.  Please contact us directly at to get details.

  • Hilton Honors #760846409

  • Marriott Bonvoy #823279117

  • Holiday Inn (IHG) #262720752

  • Best Western #6006637599398716

  • Spirit Airlines #348395681

  • American Air Advantage #7AP02W8

  • Alaska Airlines #264376980

  • Frontier Airlines #90092870909

  • Delta Sky Miles #9283684893



SWOP Behind Bars offers scholarships for incarceratrd sex worjers to study a broad range of subjects via correspondence courses, including paralegal and accounting. We work in partnership with Blackstone Career Institute and with Adams State University to provide these opportunities. Research shows that serving productive time by increasing education reduces recidivism Our recipients use this paralegal education to help other inmates file motions and research case law in addition to giving them additional skills after they are released. Each program costs approximately $900 and includes all study materials, books and testing.   Your donation helps us help the help themselves and others!



SBB assists in creating Amazon wishlists for some members behind bars. Fulfilling requests from Amazon lists is a great way to get to know the incarcerated individual.  Each list includes letter-writing supplies like stamps and envelopes that you can also send to the individual.  


How Amazon wishlists work:

  • Your return address will not be made known to the recipient behind bars unless you are also signing up to be that person’s penpal

  • Make sure to select “gift registry address for _____” as the shipping address at check-out.

  • DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE A GIFT RECEIPT. This is a NEW POLICY instituted by prisons to try and limit the number of books being sent!

  • Only purchase 1 book for each person at a time so we don’t draw attention to an inmate having too many books.  This could cause their cell to be searched and the books to be confiscated.

  • Your purchase is Tax Deductible!  Please provide your accountant with the receipt from Amazon to receive your tax deduction!

You can search our latest Amazon Wishlists here! Please know that release dates are subject to fluctuate.