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2017 Paralegal Scholarships

SWOP Behind Bars awarded three scholarships to Blackstone Career Institute’s Paralegal Certificate Program on December 17, 2017 in honor of International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.  These scholarships were awarded to Stan, Hope and  who are currently serving time at three different prisons in the United States.

Blackstone’s accredited Paralegal Certificate Program enables students to learn about the law and the paralegal field by studying at their own pace while in their facility. It is reasonably priced, can be completed in less than a year, and provides information that the individual can put into practice while incarcerated and upon their release. No computers, proctors, or facility instructors are required. Blackstone uses soft-covered books and materials for ease of entry into most state prisons, federal penitentiaries, county jails, and other institutions. Education is the cornerstone of success and has proven benefits for the incarcerated, such as:

  1. a lower rate of recidivism

  2. increased employment prospects

  3. a higher self-esteem

  4. more marketable job skills

  5. a means to transition into society

  6. The legal knowledge gained through our Paralegal certificate program may provide opportunities to make money while incarcerated and once released

  7. Offenders may qualify for earned time – consult with the education director for eligibility and the policies that apply in each state

  8. Research shows that serving productive time by increasing education reduces recidivism

SWOP Behind Bars hopes to add a wider variety of college level education programs in the future through Adams State College in Colorado.

Thank you to those who made these scholarships possible by donating money, and we wish Paul, Anissa and Sara much success in their endeavors!

You can donate to future scholarship programs for incarcerated sex workers here. Simply note scholarship programs when you donate and your funds will be used for that purpose.

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