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WPN Power: Core Advocacy Support Georgia

Jamila Aisha: Once you get in are you dedicated? Keep going! Keep moving?

Yes! Dedicated to advocacy support at the core, Jamila Aisha is the force behind a 501c3 addressing stigma, violence and she adds: A lack of pleasure centered love.The founder of WPN Power --a brand of her “Wow Group” agency Jamila is celebrated as an empowerment and sexuality specialist active in outreach support out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Committed to human rights I caught up with the entrepreneurial visionary for a discussion on sex worker safety, self- care and dismantling stigma. Her contributions to the communities she serves through comprehensive sexual empowerment and emotional intelligence are impressive,since 2013 when she started the Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) chapter in Atlanta, to the inception of WPN Power in 2015. From creating Weapon Kits, outreach safety kits complete with harm reduction and sexual response supplies where she distributes at street level, to reaching out to congressional representatives and local authorities to bridge the divide in sex work safety, Jamila is a force.

WPNP’s March 3 awareness event 3R, a three-day event observing Sex Worker Rights, connected event attendees with allied organizations tackling issues impacting trans-workers of color, short and long term housing, civil liberties, legislative reform and provided links to resources. Jamila is thankful for those allied organizations, PAD – Policing and Diversion Initiative – Atlanta, COP Watch – Atlanta and SWOP Atlanta for supporting the effort, focusing on the events theme: “Know Your Resource| Rights | Responsibilities”.

Later that month on March 21, 2021 Jamilaorganized a vigil for victims of the Atlantaspa shootings. An empath desiring to help heal through community, the vigil was attended by 14 sex workers and alliesincluding COYOTE- GA members, and was covered by Hallie Lieberman for Jezebel, a sign of the impact she is having in her community.

Sex worker rights. Basic rights. Labor rights. Civic engagement. Sex worker celebration.

And, at the end of each seminar during the three-day event? Her signature imbibe for Sex Workers Rights Day defined as the “Sparkly Pink Drink”: gin, prosecco, grapefruit juice, ice.

The next awareness day networking event June 2 (Whore’s Day) is in the planning stages. For more information find on TW/FB/IG @wpnpower online at, plus email directly at

Jamilia Aisha is the Founder & Executive Director at WPNPower, Public Affairs at Georgia Air National Guard and Volunteer at Battlin' Betties Georgia Platoon

WPN Power, Co. is a non-profit, sex rights advocacy and outreach organization.

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