2021 Sex Worker Super Bowl Bail Out

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

The Super Bowl/Sex Trafficking myths come back every year and even though they have been debunked thoroughly by multiple reliable resources, there are 100’s of anti trafficking advocates in Tampa right now, hunting Sex Workers and their clients!

We are fighting back against myths and misconceptions.  

We are fighting back against stigma and discrimination.  

We are fighting back against coercive interventions!

You can help fight back against the myths that criminalize sex workers. SWOP Behind Bars will be on the ground and is hoping to bond out as many sex workers as we can!  Your support will allow us to not only bond them out, we will be able to pay their fines and fees, connect them with critical resources and help those that are being exploited to get to safety!  Sex Workers are best positioned to assist trafficking victims because we know what exploitation looks like.

Reason Magazine

Outside of some reporters with dubious judgement, the only people who are still earnestly pushing the idea that sporting events like the super bowl are hotbeds of human trafficking seem to be

1) politicians who have made a name for themselves stirring up crime panic,

2) state prosecutors, who like to use the prospect of “sex slaves” to justify ramping up their routine vice stings during the big game, and

3) the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, for whom the panic dovetails nicely with their efforts to round up immigrants and promiscuous women. But poke any “Super Bowl sex trafficking sting” headline from the past decade and all you’ll find is a bunch of sex workers and their customers arrested for trying to hook up with another consenting adult.

Join the Sex Worker Outreach Project Behind Bars as we work to fight the marginalization and discrimination of people who trade sex during the days leading up to the Super Bowl 2020 in Tampa.