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Fight For Nikki

Anyways, Niki has had a terrible turn of luck. A few weeks ago, Niki noticed tingling in her toes. Eventually, she started having a hard time walking. Niki is now paralyzed from the waist down and in the hospital being treated for Gullain-Barre syndrome, which is an auto-immune disease. She cannot walk, and she cannot feel her legs, she cannot drive. Doctors estimate it will take her at least 6 months to rehabilitate and be able to walk again.

Niki is committed to finishing law school while she's in recovery. Niki is committed to using her skills as a lawyer to helping our sex worker community, but she needs our help right now.

We are trying to raise $2,000 per month for the next 6 months to help her cover basic needs and additional costs related to the rehabilitation (wheelchair, shower chair, cab fair to therapy, etc).

A note on Niki's lawsuit...she won a $1.7 million settlement, but the community college is appealing the decision. This means Niki cannot access this settlement for a long, long time. When she does, Niki vows to give back to the community that is helping her during this unexpected health crisis.

For further transparency, Niki had a GoFundMe in 2019 when she was homeless and living in a woodshed due to the discrimination she experienced in Oregon. With the small amount of assistance she received then, she went from a dire situation to graduating with her bachelor's with full honors. With this assistance, she will graduate law school next spring and become a lawyer for our community.

We know Niki personally and am distraught by her situation. She is a strong advocate, a true fighter for what is right. I hope you join me in helping Niki through this challenging time.

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