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How to Support GiGi: Rockstar Activist, Wrongly Charged & Incarcerated

Gigi Thomas, MSW, is a leading human rights advocate and a transgender woman of color who has worked for more than 15 years in the support of people in need in the DC area. She has never hesitated to provide outreach, client advocacy and harm reduction services to transgender women, people in the sex trade, low income people of color and LGBTQ people in the DC area. So many of us have a story of Gigi’s incredible compassion and we have seen the love she has for the entire community. It would be impossible to exaggerate what a rock star & asset to our community GiGi is.  You can learn more about GiGi here.

GiGi was charged with first degree murder for defending her own life. She was not given bail despite deep connections with the wider D.C. community. Behind bars GiGi is not just passively shuffling through systems, she is changing them as she is pushed through them, educating her Attorney about issues trans women of color face and advocating for trans women behind bars at her facility.

Requests/Ways to Help

This was included in a letter one of us got from GiGi:

I know SWOP-USA is wondering what you all can help me with. I have three things that I can ask for.

  1.  Please don’t ever forget about me and let my work go to waste.

  2.  If you can help Penelope Saunders with the Generosity account to help raise money for my lawyer and to help me get personal items & food in here that would be awesome.

  3. If you can get the community round up for my trial September 13, 2016 to come out and support me, that would be the best. My lawyers said it would be wonderful to have a lot of people coming to support you, because it shows how you touch the community.

You can also write a support letter to GiGi at Gigi Marie Thomas, PG County Correctional Center, 13400 Dille Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772! If you like, send a photo, so she can get a sense of the the people who are fighting & rooting for her.

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