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Know Your Rights to Protection, Justice & Compensation for Sex Workers & the Formerly Incarcerated

Dear Sisters and friends,

On July 14th, 2021 we are launching a new campaign and booklet: Know Your Rights to Protection, Justice & Compensation for Sex Workers & Formerly Incarcerated People. The launch will include a social media hour at 10am PT/ 11am MT / 1pm ET.

The campaign aims to publicize policies and laws won by grassroots sex worker led organizing, to push for their implementation and win more.

We are letting you know in advance in the hope that you can help us publicize the campaign and amplify our message.

Knowing our rights to compensation, justice and protection is urgent considering the harms caused by criminalization, and that more people, especially single mothers, are going into sex work because of a lack of economic options. This booklet comes from the struggle of sex workers and formerly incarcerated people, starting with Black and other women of color, including trans women, who are up against sexism, racism & transphobia, & police abuse and mass incarceration.”

The booklet highlights key victories won by sex workers & formerly incarcerated people and what our rights are. These include rights giving sex workers immunity from arrest and prosecution when reporting violence to the police, the right for sex workers and formerly incarcerated people to claim victim compensation and the right to protection from forced sterilization commonly imposed on female prisoners in jails, state prisons and other detention centers. Also highlighted is a San Francisco police policy which hold law enforcement accountable for committing rape and/or other violent crimes and misconduct against sex workers.

The booklet features ongoing campaigns still to win including abolishing or amending harmful & racist anti-trafficking laws, addressing women’s poverty and criminalization, winning full decriminalization of sex work, for reparations for victims of forced sterilizations and more.

The working group that organized this campaign includes US PROStitutes Collective; California Coalition for Women Prisoners; HIPS/DC; In Defense of Prostitute Women's Safety Project; Legal Action for Women; Women of Color/Global Women’s Strike.

We hope you will join us on Wednesday July 14th 2021 to celebrate the launch of the new campaign and booklet!

Love and Power, US PROStitutes Collective

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