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Media Links: Criminalization of Condom Possession in Pittsburgh

Media Links: Criminalization of Condom Possession in Pittsburgh


LaTasha Mayors. “New Voices Staunchly Opposes Criminalization of Sex Work.” New Voices of Pittsburgh Blog.

Women’s Law Project. “Allegheny County Police Are Arresting Sex Workers For Possessing Condoms.” Women’s Law Project Blog.

Chelsea Steiner. “Pittsburgh Police Now Calling Condoms ‘Instruments of Crime’ in Bizarre Effort to Arrest Sex Workers for… Having Safe Sex?” The Mary Sue.

Tracy E. Gilchrist. “Condoms Are ‘Instruments of a Crime’ in Pittsburgh Prostitution Cases.” Advocate.

SWOP Pittsburgh. “Press Release: Sex Worker Outreach Project (SWOP) Pittsburgh Responds to Allegheny District Attorney Stephen Zappala’s Negative Characterization of Local Community Outreach Group and Support for Criminalizing Condom Possession.”

SWOP Pittsburgh. “SWOP Pittsburgh’s Response to DA Zappala’s Letter.”

SWOP Pittsburgh. “Keep Carrying Condoms Legal: Open Letter from SWOP.” Queer Pittsburgh.

Jamie Martines. “Advocacy Group Calls Out DA Zapalla Over Criminalizing Condom Stance.” Trib Live.


Whitney Kimball. “Pittsburgh Sex Workers are Being Charged with Carrying Condoms, or, ‘Instruments of Crime,’ – Raising the Question Who is At Risk. Jezebel.


David A. Harris. “Got a Condom, Go To Jail? Police Discourage Safer Sex When They Threaten Sex Workers with Jail For Possessing Condoms.” Post Gazette.


The Villanova Law Institutie to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation. “Criminalizing the Use of Condoms As Evidence for Possessing an Instrument of Crime.”

Jamie Martines. “Advocacy Group Urges DA Zappala To Stop Criminalizing Condoms.” Trib Live.

“Advocates: Criminalization of condoms is poor policy” WPXI.

Megan Harris interviews Megan Guza about recent article on condom criminalization. The Confluence.

SWOP Pittsburgh. “Press Release: Advocates for Sex Workers Send Open Letter to Allegheny District Attorney Stephen Zappala Opposing Criminalization of Condom Possession.”

SWOP Pittsburgh, et al. “Letter to District Attorney Zappala Opposing Criminalization of Condom Possession.”


Megan Harris. “Sex Worker Outreach Project Joins Local Opposition to Controversial Condom Charges.” 90.5 WESA


Ryan Deto. “Advocacy Group Holding Public Forum to Discuss Allegheny County Criminalizing Condom Possession.” Pittsburgh City Paper.


Scott H. Greenfield. “Prostitution and the Rubber Option.” Simple Justice: A Criminal Defense Blog.


Megan Guza. “Condoms Criminalized in Allegheny County Prostitution Cases.” Trib Live.


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