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The Cranky Queer: HIV activist and wellness writer

SWOP Behind Bars cofounder Alex Andrews recently stumbled upon JD Davids’ blog/book-in-progress The Cranky Queer.

Davids’ “perspectives are shaped by decades bridging health education, medical & research advocacy (including alongside or up against NIH and CDC scientists), social movement strategies, game-changing street protests in the HIV and LGBTQ movements, and worldviews shaped by emergent strategies, spiritual practices and justice struggles.” As a former leader with ACT UP Philadelphia, Dobbs has now created The Cranky Queer to illuminate the fact that “chronic health conditions affect as many as one of every two people in the United States, and many of us live with multiple diagnoses. To live our best lives, we need clear information and compassionate connection. But — despite the prominence of battles over health care in the United States, a burgeoning “wellness” industry, and heightened concern over pain management and the opioid crisis — the way forward for those of us living with major or multiple chronic illnesses remains shrouded.”

Alex and SBB, whose work stands in intersection with those living with HIV and other chronic health issues, hopes you will support JD Dobbs’ work by signing up to read regular posts here.

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