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Increased Efforts to Reach Street-Based Sex Workers During COVID

If your grassroots organization does community outreach to street-based sex workers and your supply chain has been interrupted or delayed, fill out this google form and SBB will supply you for up to 90 days – and hopefully longer – with a safer sex work and safer drug use materials. We will also include a harm reduction guide for street outreach workers during COVID 19. We are shipping packages to grassroots organizations across the US and Canada and hope to continue doing so until the end of August! 2020. 

SBB wants to hear what sex workers need during COVID 19. Call our hotline at 1-877-776-2004, extension 1 or live chat us using the message icon on the bottom right of this screen. SWOP Behind Bars pays our peer mentors to provide support in the community.

You can always donate to support to our increased pandemic efforts to keep harm reduction materials (condoms, clean needles, Narcan, etc) materials on the streets.

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